Today marks the start of our last week at Gardens for Health. We can’t believe that we take off on Sunday — still so much to do! The past few two weeks have kept us quite busy. We’ve been drafting blog posts, collecting media, and developing a fundraising packet for GHI volunteers and fellows. During lunch today, we met with GHI’s managing director to discuss our future partnership. Our discussions will continue throughout the week, but we are so excited for what we will accomplish in the upcoming years!

A few things of note since our last blog: 1. GlobeMed at GW interns visited us this past Wednesday. They are doing very cool things with RVCP! 2. Gina, Kat and I visited Uganda to trek with Gorillas and eat some delicious chapatti with egg rolled up inside, yum! 3. We grilled skewers and baked cookies last week, a real treat.

This Thursday, we’ll have a big community dinner as a send-off for Solange (who is going to the US for two months), Aaron (the GHC Fellow who has reached the end of his year), and us!

Back to work!